The Long Road / by Rafif / 4:02


16-year-old Rafif creates a journey through the landscape and textures of her new life in a foreign place, and her desire to return to and rebuild her country.

Irbid, Jordan / 2015

Bio: Rafif, 16, is from Dara'a, Syria. She fled the civil war 4 years ago and now lives as a refugee in Irbid, Jordan. This is her first time using a camera and making a film. Rafif loves learning new crafts and skills that give her direction in life. She dreams of making it on her own, and eventually making it back to Syria to begin to rebuild her country.

“I love filming because you discover a world and things you wouldn’t expect. The camera has to be like a friend. I want to show people things that they might not have seen before, and reach them through the feelings of the shots I take.”


Director & Cinematographer: Rafif Al Fadel

Editors: Laura Doggett, Rafif Al Fadel, Tasneem Toghoj

Workshop Facilitators: Laura Doggett & Tasneem Toghoj