“In the hopes of being able to say something, I filmed and was able to reach out.” ~ Raghad
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SUPPORT THE 2018 SUMMER WORKSHOPS WITH AKGC'S SYRIAN & PERUVIAN ARTISTS!                     Watch This Video: Refugee Girls Film Their Own Stories in Za'atari Camp

YOUR DONATION will make AKGC's transformative summer work in Jordan and Peru happen! We need a minimum of $8,000 by June 27th to cover all costs related to summer programming and production:

* Local transportation costs (in Jordan and Peru)

*Camper (mobile trailer) that will house and be the creative studio space for the workshops in Jordan

* Cameras and equipment (that the new Syrian girls and Peruvian girls will own)

* Stipends (for the AKGC mentors and artists, facilitators, & translator in Jordan and Peru)

* Technology for cross-border communication (phones for whatsapp & skype, computers for editing)

* Exhibit and publicity materials, transport and food for the local and traveling screening/exhibition (of their films, photos, writing, multimedia)
1. We will DEEPEN OUR WORK WITH SYRIAN GIRLS in Jordan through a media arts workshop in Za’atari Refugee Camp for a new group of Syrian girls, mentored by the older AKGC artists. In our workshops we create with the girls a safe space for them to reflect on their stories and engage in first-person, cinematic storytelling, emphasizing curiosity and exploration alongside narrative, based on empowering their imaginative visions. 
2. We will begin to EXPAND OUR COLLECTIVE through our first cross-border, collaborative project: a film created by young filmmaker-mothers in Jordan and Peru. Working with the filmmakers from an amazing media arts project initiated by artist EB Landesberg in Peru 3 years ago, four young women living in displaced communities--two indigenous Shipibo teens (Karoly and Christy) in Lima, Peru, and two Syrian teens (Khaldiya and Marah) living as refugees in Jordan-- will document their transition from childhood to motherhood,  and the layers of instability they must overcome to be able to raise their children well, as they themselves come of age. Their film will bring us closer to the lived experience of young marginalized women, opening up a dialogue with other women in similar circumstances, challenging the dominant narratives of pity, victimhood, and “voicelessness”. 
3. We will BROADEN OUR IMPACT as the older AKGC artists curate a traveling exhibit of their multimedia stories, existing and new, that they’ve created as they’ve come of age as refugees in Jordan. 4-5 years ago, these girls fled from Daraa, Syria, where the revolution began, between the ages of 13-16. The exhibit will invite others to experience the alchemy of how their visual impressions and diaries turned surrounding losses and foreign landscapes into new imaginative worlds, the unexpected places where they find or create beauty and humor, and the materials they draw upon to envision something beyond her immediate confines.