Y Madre a la Vez

Four young women are directing a film together across borders, which documents their transition from childhood to motherhood. Karoli and Christy, indigenous Shipibo teens living in Lima, Peru, embark on a friendship and collaboration with Khaldiya and Marah, Syrian teens living as refugees in Jordan—forming bonds of support, understanding and solidarity across great distance and cultural difference. They push one another to resist the cultural norms and narratives imposed on them and help each other find and reflect new definitions of home in the face of massive uncertainty.


“I want to show the world what it’s like to be a little girl and a mother at the same time.” - Karoli


Christy (17)

Christy Cauper Silvano (Director) is a 17-year old Shipibo teen living in Lima, Peru who co-directed the film Un Pedacito de la Selva en la Ciudad (2015), which premiered in a community screening at the Túpac Cultural Center in Barranco, Lima, then screened at Mi Primer Festival in Lima in 2017, where it won an audience award. Her photographs were also featured in the group exhibit “Fotos por el Cambio” (“Photography for Change”) at the Peruvian North American Cultural Institute (ICPNA), organized by a photography workshop based at the U.S. Embassy in Lima. She is skilled in her culture’s traditional embroidery, which she learned from her mother, is an avid photographer, and is eager to continue making films.


Karoli (17)

Karoli Bautista Pizarro (Director) is a 17-year old Shipibo filmmaker and performer living in Lima, Peru. She is the director of the film Escúchame Cantar (2016), which played at the North Carolina Latin American Film Festival, and Alice Fest, as well as in numerous educational and community settings. She co-directed Un Pedacito de la Selva en la Ciudad (2015), which screened at Mi Primer Festival, in Lima, Peru, and won an audience award. She has also participated in many traditional Shipibo dances and performances in her community and throughout Lima.


Khaldiya (21)

Khaldiya Ghneim (Director) is a 21-year-old Syrian filmmaker living as a refugee in Jordan, whose filming brings us through the most personal spaces of Za’atari Refugee Camp with her inquisitive, poetic eye. She is the director of the short film Another Kind of Girl (2015), which premiered at Sundance, then went on to play at Cannes, SXSW, and many other festivals. A version of the film was also featured on the New York Times Op-docs. Among many other awards, she won a production grant for best new emerging filmmaker at Kassel Documentary Film Festival, earning her a camera and computer.


Marah (18)

Marah Al-Khatib (Director) is the 18-year-old director of the short film Children (2015), which won numerous awards at film festivals, and will soon be held in a permanent museum collection in London. Marah has rigorously and adventurously continued to document children, families and Za’atari’s oldest residents in the camp. More recently, she created media for the Thompson Reuters Association as well as completing a 360 film.