Between the Jungle and the City

Karoly, Christy and Tony are three teenagers from the indigenous Shipibo community Cantagallo, in Lima, Peru. Together they worked on videos about their lives, focusing on their families, culture, and community. They worked as a collective to represent their community in sounds and images—to emphasize the elements that unite its inhabitants and bind their stories together. Each had a turn both behind and in front of the camera. The particularities of their stories—and the multiplicity of realities in Cantagallo—shine through in each of their distinctive approaches. Christy explored her community and family through photos and videos.

Lima, Perú / 2015


About the artist

Christy Cauper Silvano is Shipibo and lives in Lima, Peru. Her film Un Pedacito de la Selva en la Ciudad premiered in a community screening at the Túpac Cultural Center in Barranco, Lima, then screened at Mi Primer Festival in Lima in 2017, where it won an audience award. Her photographs were also featured in the group exhibit “Fotos por el Cambio” (“Photography for Change”) at the Peruvian North American Cultural Institute (ICPNA), organized by a photography workshop based at the U.S. Embassy in Lima. She is skilled in her culture’s traditional embroidery, which she learned from her mother, is an avid photographer, and is eager to continue making films.


Director, Cinematographer, Photographer: Christy Cauper Silvano

Additional Cinematography: Karoli Bautista Pizarro, Tony Valles Rodriguez

Editors: Elizabeth Landesberg & Christy Cauper Silvano

Workshop Facilitator: Elizabeth Landesberg