Dreams Without Borders

Muna, a romantic 16-year-old girl whose family fled from Syria to Jordan, tries to reconcile her need to express herself and be a normal teenager within the new confines of her family’s situation.

4:46 / Irbid, Jordan / 2015


About the artist

Muna is from Dara'a, Syria and now lives as a refugee in Azraq Camp, Jordan. This is her first time using a camera and making a film. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer one day. In the meantime, as she daydreams while cleaning or cooking, she writes elaborate theatrical scenes and monologues that express the human condition and the events that have affected her during the most difficult time in her life.

“Since I started class all I can think of is filming. I started going outside just so I could film. I love to film on the roof. For example, when I am bothered and I want to just breathe, really, I just feel at peace.”


Director & Cinematographer: Muna Al Hariri

Editors: Laura Doggett, Muna Al Hariri, Tasneem Toghoj

Workshop Facilitators: Laura Doggett & Tasneem Toghoj