Escúchame Cantar (Listen to Me Sing)

A self-portrait by Karoly, an indigenous Shipibo teen living in the community Cantagallo, in Lima, Peru.

8:57 / Lima, Perú / 2015


About the artist

Karoli Bautista Pizarro is a Shipibo filmmaker and performer living in Lima, Peru. Her film Escúchame Cantar played at the North Carolina Latin American Film Festival, and Alice Fest, as well as in numerous educational and community settings. She co-directed Un Pedacito de la Selva en la Ciudad (2015), which screened at Mi Primer Festival, in Lima, Peru, and won an audience award. She has also participated in many traditional Shipibo dances and performances in her community and throughout Lima.

Karoly says, “What I want to say with this video and what I want to show is for people to see in us a culture with value. For us, as well as our ancestors, and all those who live in Cantagallo."


Director & Cinematographer: Karoli Bautista Pizarro

Additional Cinematography: Christy Cauper Silvano, Tony Valles Rodriguez

Editors: Elizabeth Landesberg & Karoli Bautista Pizarro

Workshop Facilitator: Elizabeth Landesberg