The Silence of Nature

18-year-old Bushra remembers her brother, who she lost in the war, and his gentle, humorous ways through observing nature and her new urban setting in this visual haiku.

3:05 / Irbid, Jordan / 2015


About the artist

Bushra is from Dara'a, Syria, lived as a refugee in Irbid, Jordan after the war began, and has now returned to Syria. This is her first time using a camera and making a film. Bushra loves filming, and her biggest hope is to simply become a better filmmaker. She likes the peace she finds in filming and feels she’s in her element when she is able to express her inner-peace through filming her surrounding environment.

“When I enrolled in the workshop it was really nice for me to have a chance to change my life for the better. We gave our all and shared our innermost beings. Of course, there is more for the world to see because our time was short. I hope from the bottom of my heart no one reaches a plateau.... there has to be something new in my life. Everyone who sees the film will of course say that it is simple, but everything great starts off simple.” 


Director & Cinematographer: Bushra Al Masri

Editors: Laura Doggett, Bushra Al Masri, Tasneem Toghoj

Workshop Facilitators: Laura Doggett & Tasneem Toghoj